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Step 1: The L-Bracket consists of the metal bracket and two main knobs


Step 2:
Position the L-bracket on top of your lighting system, so that the
middle opening at the bottom of the bracket is aligned with the
hole found on top of the lighting system, next to the top opening.


Step 3:
Begin to turn the knob in a clockwise direction, until the L-bracket is positioned in whatever way you think would be the most comfortable for taking pictures. There is not just one right way to position it, the decision mainly depends on the size of your camera.

If you have a very thick camera, you probably want to attach the L-bracket to the hole that is near the edge of the lighting system, rather than choosing the one next to the top opening. The opposite applies if you have a thin camera.


Step 4:
Take your camera and find the tripod opening that it has in the bottom, then align the top knob of the L-bracket to the bottom of your camera where this hole is most likely found.



Step 5:
Start to put the screw of the knob insider your camera, and tighten it in a clockwise manner in order to make the camera stable.


Step 6:
Before tighting the knob too tight, make sure you adjust the height of how far away from your lighting system you want your camera to be. When done, tight the knob enough so that the camera does not move.

Once again, there is not a specific answer for how high to position your camera, but it is recommended that you put your camera close to the opening at the top of your lighting system, so that you get a closer look at your item.


A look of the L-Bracket attached to the Photo-eBox


A closer look

Step 7:
Install the software CD that came with the camera.

Step 8:

Restart the computer.

Step 9:

Connect the power to camera. Connect the USB cable to camera and connect the other end to the computer.




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